Projects, Resources and More

Containing some of the projects I have been involved with over the years, as well as resources I have found usefull. With experience in software development, electronics, electrics and mechanical engineering, this site is a collection of various different things I have been interested or involved with.

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Find me on github, twitter, docker hub, mail me, that kind of thing.

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Some of the web applications I have written in various tools, frameworks and languages including my own libraries. From saas type apps to installable stand alone tools, veriety is the spice of life.

A few web designs created along the way for friends, familiy, charitable organisations and commercial ventures. Running on a veriety of platforms such as node, apache on VPS's, raspberryPi's using frameworks or just stand alone.

Mainly web based, this is a collection of libraries created to serve a purpose or just to see if it can be done. A mixture of JS tools and libraries, PHP scripts and other programming related libraries, tools.

A long the way the need for an app here, or an extension there, has led me to build some native applications. I like to try and get involved with all types of programming whenever possilbe or the need arises.

Other projects I have worked on such as electronics, engineering, mechanical or any other non web application stuff. So there may be some programming in here, but it will not be web application stuff thats for sure.

Along the way we all accumalate those handy tools, awesome lists and little tweaks, cheat sheets. Maybe you can get something out of what has helped me, or what I have documented to help me later on.

What's Hot


Docker, anything remotely connected with docker, including cakes made to look like the docker logo. Seriously though, if you do not know what docker is, your either a dog, have been living in a canoe or have awoke from a really long sleep. Well wake up! Docker is here, and it will transform the way you cook and serve your soup through containerization.

What's Next


Using the new raziloBind library, raziloComponent will add in web component functionality in as close to native implementations as possible. Allowing us to build simple clean extensible web components at a fraction of the cost of using a full blown framework. The aim is to provide a simple clean modular approach to allow others to expand on.


A new version of and rebrand of razorCMS to V4 is on the cards, as with V3 this will be a major shift, although unlike the change from V2 to V3, the change from V3 to V4 will be simpler. The main reason for the V4, will be to replace angular with raziloBind, raziloComponent to allow us to use our home grown UI tools, once they are complete that is.