I am a web application architect, I make cool stuff for the web. There are other things I do too, like fix and support stuff. I like helping people, I like making cool stuff, do you need help?

Where Am I

Where Am I?

I'm online, find me in many of the usual places, but physically the east midlands, Loughborough to be precise.

What Do I Do?


Full Application Stack and RESTfull API's.

Mainly Slim these days but also Laravel and other MVC's.

JS (Web)

Web Components, Frameworks and Bespoke.

Mainly standards based web components, but also Angular, Vue, Polymer and more.

JS (Node)

Application Services, API's and FaaS

Full headless services, API's or Function as a Service via LAMBDA/Cloud Functions.


MySQL or MSSQL including NoSQL

Typical legacy DB's, migrations, structured DB's and NoSQL such as Dynamo/Mongo.


Full system/API stacks and bespoke serverless setups.

Dev Op's

Automated setups to AWS and Google Cloud, CDNs, Networking.


Full AWS setups from LAMBDA to EC2 and Fargate (Containers).

Google Cloud

Full Cloud setups from Cumpute to Function and Kubernetes (Containers).

Want Some Help?

Have an Idea?

Do you have an idea but don't know where to start? I have helped many people over the years from local businessmen through to organisations, turning their ideas into reality.

Maybe you want a website, an application building or you would like to move your organisation away from a specific requirement that's costing thousands, maybe I can Help.

Help Fixing Something?

Is one of your applications misbehaving, running out of space or your needing to migrate from one system to another. This can be scary but is just a lot of little problems really.

Implementation of temporary systems, migration routes for services and also full refactoring of application stacks make anything possible. Step back, work out what you actually want and tackle each step.

Advice or Reassurance?

Tackling issues can be daunting and sometimes out of your scope of abilities, this happens to me too, so don't feel bad, we all need help! Together though, maybe we can both learn more.

Not knowing an answer is not failure, knowing where to turn is hard. Maybe it's an opportunity to learn more and become a better person in the process. Take inspiration from all around you and be persistent.

Get In Touch!

I'm always happy to look at new opportunities, constantly looking for that next answers to the questions I don't know. If you think I can help, get in touch.

I am happy to discuss projects, ideas and ways in which we can help each other. I am open to charity work as time permits and also other types of work, be them short projects or long term partnerships.

That's enough chat from me though, take a look around the links, find me online in any way that best suits you. I am all over the web in many forms, so start with the links up top and go from there.