When building web stuff, there is always the need to address common problems, this is some of my solutions to common problems. Generally a group of things that make up a library, offering a solution such as data binding, web components.

raziloBind screenshot


An ES6 Javascript, HTML attribute binding thingy, for creating dynamic marvels via web applications. Built from 4 libraries, raziloBind Pulls in the core, binders, resolvers and alterers to give you non stop, juicy HTML binding pleasure served on an ES6 platter.


work in progress

Need the power of a framework but hate frameworks, raziloComponent allows you to generate web components in as vanilla as possible JS. Create simple HTML web components with data binding goodness (raziloBind) and build modern web applications without the overhead.


Razor Authenticating Resource Server, for serving data via REST/JSON to JS UI's. Written in PHP, this allows you to create a backend server to serve data via REST/JSON to your dynamic front end service.