Not quite a library, but more of a resource, single tools or forks of other tools that just needed a slight tweak. Various things in here, like polyfills, forks of tools, variations and compilations.


Hybrid polyfill giving Proxy with Object.observe as Proxy.oo. Allows for 90% polyfill of proxy, plus OO for those wanting to observe with splice/push of array objects if proxy has been polyfilled. Licenced as per Proxy and OO included in polyfill.

Angular Google Chart Tools

Google Chart Tools AngularJS Directive Module

PHP XLSXWriter plus

A fork of PHP_XLSXWriter, this tool makes some slight changes to the XLSX php writer tool for outputting XLSX files from PHP.

docker hub screenshot

Docker Hub - ulsmith

Like using docker and want to run your own web server? Either X86 or the raspberryPi I have docker images for both. During my work with websites and apps, I have build a few images that you can pull and use directly with docker, from my apps to base images I have X86 and rpi images to suit.

nicEdit Plugin Work

So I have spent some time using nicEdit, which I have used in various projects, when the need for a javascript HTML editor came up. I have used lots of editors but nicEdit was the smallest, cleanest at the time, allowing me to get the basic editing controls without the mass of stuff you just would not use. Quite simply, it comprises the features you really need (minus a few, namely around images).

Although it does suit most needs, there is always the need to allow the adding and managing of images via the editor, to this end I managed to hunt down a script that would help with the adding of photos (provided by Christoph Pahre) which I have included in the following download. In addition to adding images, I also found a need to select images already added, this is where I extended nicEdit to include an image browser, a simple way to look through any images uploaded and select it. This functionality is also via a PHP script, which generates a list of files in a specific folder and returns them in a way that can be browsed.

Finally I also included a method for adding tables that are preconfigured with bootstrap markup, taken from a post on the nicEdit forums, adding this to the other two image tools. This will allow you to add a bootstrap table directly with ease.

Rather than offer the changes made, which doesn't really help a lot of people, I have here an archive which contains nicEdit, version 0.9 r24 released June 7th, 2012, with the ability to upload an image to your own server via a php script, and also offers image browsing as well as table insertion.

For now I am happy to keep using nicEdit, I may in the near future create an angular specific editor, but for now this project still meets my needs. Please feel free to share this, as I have done with you, please keep all comments in place for those that spent their time (as I say some is my work, some others, the rest nicEdit's) so lets keep credit where it is due. Many thanks to the nicEdit Team for their work.