Web Applications

So I have built quite a few applications in my time, this is some of them. Some may be active still, others not. These days all my web applications tend to get badged under the razilo.net domain in an attempt to organise my self better.

razorcms v3 screenshot

razorCMS V3


Now the latest version, razorCMS V3, is a ground up re-write, completely original in every way, and utilizes some of the latest technology around. Starting with a PHP base, razorCMS V3 has been built with angularJS, font-awesome, bootstrap, requireJS and much more.

razorcms v2 screenshot

razorCMS V2


razorCMS is a content management system written in PHP and utilising a flat file database (no sql server required). The system once installed will allow the user to set up a working website, with the ability to alter and update the site from an admin panel.

raziloCV screenshot



A site designed to offer a free online CV / resume service, allowing people to create online CV's and provide prospective employers a link and passkey to view online. At present the system is very young and currently in a BETA phase but is fully functional and here to stay.

askadork screenshot

Ask a Dork


The Earths information is slowly being assimilated by the Dorks, if you have a question, why not try asking the Dorks. Built on razorCMS (ng) development platform (retired), the website is an original knowledge base tool allowing questions to be linked to answers, all managed from a backend including submissions.


work in progress

A simple booking system incorperating paypal invoicing, allowing users to book themselves onto a calander, letting administrators manage the bookings and invoice directly on completion. Originally built for a garage, to allow users to self book for MOT and Servicing, but built to be expandable, auto invoice and provide ways to dump invoicing for accountants